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Bag Addict on a mission!

Hello my name is Moria and I am committed to keep your luxury bags clean and protected by making great fitting organisers and pillows.These beauties cost us a lot of hard earned money, so we deserve to enjoy them without worrying!

After Successfully building my business Luxury Bag Heaven, I opened, because I believe any bag deserves a perfectly fitting organiser/liner. So I am delighted to offer my bespoke services, fairly priced while providing a quality bespoke product, made in the UK.


I have been sewing since I was 14 years old. I come from a family that loves to sew and my great-granny was a seamstress.After having my second child, my mum kindly suggested I get back into sewing and make things for my children. With covid changing everything for everyone, it actually made me get back into sewing. I started making very basic organisers for my own bags because I wanted to explore new style of organisers. I didn't like chunky and cheap or overpriced liners available.

My own private collection and the need to preserve it, has helped to turn my bag addiction into a business. I've never been happier to be surrounded by bags and offering help to others with their own. Helping customers to keep theirs clean and organised as well as preserving them for their daughters or family.


For the last three years I have been making bespoke bag organisers, liners, inserts, bag shapers, bag pillows, dust bags, base shapers and more. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me through the chat option/contact page and speak to me about your bag needs.


I specialise in Louis Vuitton bag organisers/pillows but all brands are welcome! 

Handbag Liners UK offers a unique collection of handmade bag inserts in the UK. Our inserts are made to order and bespoke, catering to all major bag brands.


Get in touch to explore our exquisite range of inserts and experience the perfect blend of style and functionality.


Remember to ask for your complimentary heart on your insert... x

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